Gas Services


Gas cookers should be checked annually to make sure that they are safe, the burner rings and oven are burning correctly to minimise any harmfull emmisions and to ensure that there is adedequate ventilation.

Lanlords are required to do this by law to have there property checked and certified annually.



Boilers should also be check annually to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently and that any harmful levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO2) are being dispersed correctly and that they are operating within the guidlines of the Munufacturers.



Flame Effect Gas Fires

The purpose of a service on a flame effect gas fire is to safeguard against any harmfull emmision comming into the room and to make sure that the Flue is operating correctly by extracting any smoke and fumes out of the property

Note - Missing or misplaced coals can dramatically effect the flame leading incomplete combustion and harmfull emmisions being produced.

If you smell Gas

  • Do turn or the gas (at the emergency control valve)

  • Do ventilate properly (open all doors and windows)

  • Do extinguish any Naked Flames

  • Do Not smoke or strike matches

  • Do Keep away from the affected area

  • Do contact the emergency service provider

  • Do ensure Access into premises can be gained

  • Do Not operate electrical switches (ON or OFF)

Introduction to Gas Safe Register